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Colleen's CSA Corner Week 3

Posted 7/6/2020 3:48pm by Colleen Quiram.

Last week we tried the Dutch Oven Strawberry/Rhubarb Crumble recipe. As with most new recipes, there are a few tweaks I would make before doing this again, it turned out delicious, but a bit goopy!  Since the berries were a little soft last week, we cleaned and froze them right away. This released a lot of the juices and I probably should have used less water in the sugar/cornstarch mixture. We ate it anyways while watching fireworks around Upper Red Lake hiding in our vehicle away from the mosquitoes.

This week’s share is filled with some vegetables that are common in my home, and easy for us to use in dinners.                                   


Potatoes – If you have yet to enjoy freshly dug potatoes, you will be surprised at the flavor! There is quite a difference between storage potatoes and freshly harvested new potatoes. The skin is very thin or even absent on these, so be careful when you clean them. Just a gentle wash with a wet towel under running water will do. Without any skin, these also will not store well. Use them within the week, or they will brown. We will use them in this Roasted Garlic & Rosemary recipe on Friday, and might even have a few leftovers for breakfast potatoes.

Green Beans – It is going to be HOT this week! The more outdoor cooking we can do, the better in order to keep the heat out of the house. Green beans are easy to do in a foil packet on the grill, just trim the ends, rinse, top with butter, sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. I always leave some of the water from rinsing inside the packet to help steam the green beans more evenly.

Beets – I know these are not a favorite for everyone, but there are so many ways to enjoy them. I hope you give them a second chance! The golden beets are especially delicious, I think. Not quite as sweet as the reds, but they take on the flavor of the thyme. I prefer to peel and quarter my beets prior to cooking so they can take in more flavor. A light drizzle of olive oil, sprinkle of salt, some fresh thyme wrapped tightly in foil and grill on indirect heat for about 30min.

Since we included the beet greens with the share, I will also be making beet green pesto. It’s one of those recipes I’ve had on my Pinterest board for a few years, and have yet to make. This is the year! I think it will go well on grilled chicken sandwiches – chicken breast, melted provolone, sautéed onion and pepper with beet pesto.

Bok Choy – This vegetable is a recent addition to our regular rotation. Most often used in Asian cooking, it has a light, peppery flavor, and retains its crunch when cooked. I will be making this Sesame Ginger Bok Choi recipe, adding sliced chicken breast, for dinner tonight.

Tomato – Two tomatoes in the share means I have enough for my chicken sandwiches, a small side of caprese salad with the basil from week 1, and a small batch of Pico de Gallo for our fish tacos.  If at any point you begin to feel overwhelmed with tomatoes, don’t toss them! Just clean the core out, chop and freeze even with the skin on. Use in the coming winter for stew or sauce.

Cucumber – Sliced for wraps and snacks, even if they are a bit crooked or have a few scars, they still eat well.

Cabbage – There is a variation in size of the cabbage this week. Some of you received single medium heads, while some received 2 nice small heads. It just shows that while everything ripened at the same time, forming nice tight heads, they did not all grow as large as others. My husband will make this Lime Cilantro Slaw for fish tacos this week, it's a favorite of mine! It’s also really good on pulled pork sandwiches and burgers, or alone as a side dish.

I think that uses everything in our share except the Maple Syrup. If you don’t make pancakes often, you can use it as a sweetener in many baking recipes, drizzle on carrots or save it to drizzle on squash this fall.