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Colleen's CSA Corner Week 4

Posted 7/13/2020 4:53pm by Colleen Quiram.

We are beginning to get into the season where we have such a variety of product that it is hard to decide what to put into the shares. We also face the issue of having a wide variety, but not always the quantity needed to put items in both size shares. You may notice in the coming weeks that the Family and Mini shares will be receiving different items week to week, for example this week the family shares are receiving chub cucumbers while the mini shares have a slicing cucumber. We hope to flip this next week so everyone can experience our chubs, but our plants are just not up to producing enough to supply both share sizes at once.

Kale – A larger bunch is in the share this week. I struggle to use this quantity fresh and will need to chop and freeze some of it for use later this year. Fresh or frozen, it goes great in my egg bake. I will use what I can in a large egg bake, cutting into 10 or 12 pieces for easy breakfasts this week. Egg Bakes are a great way to use up any vegetables you have extra in your fridge. Shredded Zucchini, peppers, onions, chard, kale, mushrooms, even sweet potato. Here is my ‘recipe’, feel free to change it up based on what you have available.

Chub Cucumbers – We love summer refrigerator pickles! These are destined for the mandolin, there should be enough here to make about 2 pints of pickles for burgers later.

Eggplant – This is not a common vegetable for us. In fact, I have only found one way to make it that my family will enjoy, doused in marinara and cheese. So that’s what I will be doing this week, using the recipe included in the newsletter. Since the eggplant is on the small side, I will make this dish with both eggplant and 1 of the green zucchinis in my share.

Zucchini – Easy on the grill, sliced into ½” rounds, skewered sideways (through the skin), and brushed with a sweet chili sauce until crisp tender. I think I will make this with some grilled shrimp later this week when it is too hot to cook inside.

Red and Green Cabbage, Carrots & Onion – This is a favorite meal of ours when camping. Easily done in packets on the grill. Or, if you have a steamer pot at home, you can do this inside as well. We add carrots and sweet corn, cut in half, I will snag a few more potatoes at one of our vegetable stands around the metro to make this dish, they are just so good.

Kohlrabi – Ok, I was a bit skeptical about a Kohlrabi Slaw, but I made this one from the Week 2 newsletter this past week, and it was amazing. So light and fresh tasting. I will make another batch this week to have with my lunches. I just sauté chicken breast in a spicy taco seasoning and serve on top. The spiciness of the chicken goes well with the cool, light flavor of the slaw.

Onion & Tomato – If you have not had one of our sweet Epicurean onions before, this is a highlight of our summer! They have a higher sugar content, making them terrible storage onions. Please use these within the next few weeks. Ours is destined for the refrigerator pickles recipe and burgers with the tomato.

This week’s box is packed full of vegetables that can be used together in meals, which makes it even easier to use the share. The cabbage heads are again a nice small size, useable in a meal or two without being overwhelming. I hope you are enjoying your shares so far, the best is yet to come!