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Colleen's CSA Corner Week 8

Posted 8/10/2020 4:28pm by Colleen Quiram.

 This week’s box is filled with items that are common in our kitchen! My son is again calling dibs on the melon. If you have yet to try a Canary or Tuscan melon, do not be turned off by their softer texture. The Canary melon reminds me of a sweeter honey dew melon, and the Tuscan with its stronger cantaloupe flavor is just perfect for the entire family. Unfortunately, we do not have quite enough for all shares to receive one of each of these melons at this time, so what you receive will be a surprise! Either way, I hope you truly enjoy these melons as the flavor is unbelievable.

 I am most excited for the garlic and heirloom tomato in this week’s share. I plan to use both items along with my shallots to make a small fresh tomato sauce. Similar to this recipe, however, I do not remove the skins and add a splash of red wine. Some stuffed mushrooms topped with this sauce and mozzarella cheese sounds perfect for Tuesday night.

 These filet beans cook so quickly! We really enjoyed the last batch we received, and there’s just enough here to have as a grilled side dish. Wrapped in foil with some butter and salt, give them a try.

 Oneida Gold Potatoes – If you are a fan of Yukon Gold potatoes, then you will love these. Buttery and full of flavor, we will be making the smashed potato recipe featured in the newsletter. They do keep quite well if stored in a cool, dark space. Jerry just used the last of his potatoes from last fall!

Kale – I finally caved and made Megan’s kale chips a few weeks ago and proceeded to devour the entire pan. I’m sure the kale was good for me, maybe not the oil and salt! I will be making chips again with this bunch, a new favorite snack of mine.

Cauliflower and Broccoli – Growing up, my family was a heavy user of Velveeta Cheese. I don’t think I had broccoli or cauliflower without it until I was into my 20’s. I plan to make this cheese sauce using almond milk (my family is lactose sensitive, thankfully not intolerant) and pour it over steamed veggies.

Sweet Corn – after freezing last week’s portion, I am ready for some fresh grilled corn on the cob. 4 ears is just right for us without any leftovers.

Keep those recipes coming! I really enjoy seeing what everyone makes with their shares. Some of you are very ambitious cooks. Seeing what you are making is encouraging me to break out of my ‘veggie comfort zone’ a bit! 

Enjoy a beautiful week,