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Colleen's CSA Meal Plan - Week 11

Posted 8/27/2019 7:36am by Colleen Quiram.

Yesterday was such a cool, wet day, and this morning is absolutely stunning! When I arrived at the farm this morning, I was amazed at the clear sky and all the stars I could see…it was breathtaking.

I hope you are taking advantage of our canning special this week! There is still time to order your tomatoes, onions, and peppers. Whether you are chopping and freezing the peppers and tomatoes or putting up what you can of the harvest into beautiful jars, now is the best time to buy in bulk and eat locally all winter long. And as Jerry stated in his newsletter, the corn is absolutely fantastic right now, and I have a very easy recipe to share with you for freezing! This recipe comes from my Aunt, who also happens to be a CSA member. A word of caution, as the corn is not cooked prior to freezing, plan to use whatever you freeze within the year. Even in the depths of a freezer, enzymes and bacteria are still active and will slowly break down your corn over an extended period of time. (here is some of the science behind freezing produce.)

The best part of this recipe is that it is made in small batches, you don’t need a whole sack (4 doz) corn but can use just 1 dozen corn at a time. I do suggest using canning salt rather than kosher, as canning salt is the most pure and will dissolve easily in the ice water. If you are in a pinch, you can use kosher but grind it up a bit more. Do not substitute table salt as it has too many additives and will affect the quality of your frozen corn.


My meal planning this week is a bit all over the place, not only are we headed out camping for Labor Day, but our stove also is on the fritz and all our meals will need to be cooked on the grill until we can get it fixed or replaced.

Tuesday Night: Shrimp skewers, packet green beans with bacon & onion, and half of our cauliflower grilled with garlic and butter. Just cut the cauliflower in half, place on a large piece of tinfoil, dot with butter (liberally), sprinkle with garlic powder, kosher salt, and cracked black pepper. Wrap up in the foil and place on the grill for about 30min. For the green beans: dice up some bacon and onion, place on the bottom of a tinfoil packet, top with trimmed, rinsed and still damp green beans, and then more bacon and onion. Wrap up tightly in the foil and place on the grill, turning every so often, for about 20min until beans are tender.

Wednesday night: Burgers and Corn!!

Thursday we will be headed out of town already, camping with 5 other families. Each family takes one meal, and we always do a big breakfast. I will chop the green peppers ahead of time, and slice the poblanos, to sauté for topping eggs. Potatoes will be steamed and diced, ready for breakfast potatoes on the camp stove.

Slices of cucumber, grape tomatoes, and purple cauliflower will be a good healthy snack for the 12 kids that will be there, and I know one of the kids would devour all of the grape tomatoes and cauliflower on her own if I let her! Hopefully I will be able to keep a few tomatoes to myself for caprese skewers. Just a few for a snack for the adults. Apples are a no-brainer, I would be surprised if they even last the week to go camping! While the SnowSweets have long been my favorite variety, these First Kiss apples might just take their place.

That about does it for my box! I am really looking forward to some more fall crops, especially squash. I hope you are too!

A couple tips on your share this week:

  • Take your potatoes out of the bag as soon as you get home, they are a bit damp and will rot very quickly if left in the bag. Leave them on the counter to dry and then store in a cool dry area until ready to use.
  • Purple Cauliflower should be cooked a little differently than you would the white cauliflower as the color will leech out into any cooking water. Best grilled, eaten fresh, or roasted to retain that beautiful purple coloring.
  • You may notice a slight orange tinge on your bell pepper this week. No, they are not turning into red peppers, as that is a different variety, but will slowly turn more orange as they ripen. This color difference does not affect the flavor at all, use as normal!