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Colleen's CSA Meal Plan Week 14

Posted 9/17/2019 7:13am by Colleen Quiram.

With the warm weather this week, I am finding it difficult to want to spend any time indoors, especially cooking! These last few warm days I want to enjoy outside in the yard, on the deck, soaking up that sunshine before a long winter ahead. With that being said, most of my recipes this week are focused on cooking over the weekend, and not so many week-night meals. At least, not many that take time away from being outside!

Tuesday - I have been looking forward to the celery in this share all summer! I know that’s a weird thing to say, but a few years ago I picked up fresh celery at a farmers market and I was blown away by the peppery flavor and color of it! This celery will be used top to bottom, the leaves and base will be rinsed well and frozen, waiting to be thrown into chicken stock later this fall. Here are other ways to use those celery leaves and not toss them.

The main stalks will be added to chicken salad for Joey, and tuna salad for me this week. This will also use up some of the onion, although if you are finding yourself with an excess of onions, just save this one in a cool dark place for later. I don’t make anything fancy, just diced chicken, celery, onion, olive-oil mayo, and stone ground mustard with a little salt and pepper. High in protein, and portioned out into a quick snack for Joey after cross country practice. Tonight’s dinner will be quick, between sports and scouts we only have about an hour to cook and eat, and I bet I’m not the only parent with those time constraints! Simple brats, our favorites from Dehmer’s in St. Michael, and corn on the cob on the grill.

Wednesday – a quick chicken stir fry using the bok choy, carrots, and peppers for dinner tonight. The baby bok choy is nice and small, this stir fry might have a bit more carrot and pepper to it!

Thursday – Again a busy night for my family! Wraps for dinner (not all dinners need to be cooked, right?) using another pepper and the lettuce. Make sure you rinse the lettuce well and pat dry with a towel, this lettuce is very tender, please handle gently!

Friday – Fingers crossed we will have a small bonfire in the new fire-pit (if I finish it this week!) Which means dinner outside. I’m thinking some shrimp, onion, lots of peppers, pineapple kabobs brushed with a sweet chili glaze.

Saturday – This might be soup night. My coworker at Maple Grove makes the most amazing tomato basil soup in the fall, and some soup and sandwiches sound fantastic for this weekend when the weather cools off again! You can find a similar recipe here.

Sunday – This is the day for meal prep and spending time in the kitchen watching football. My plan is to make a quick small batch of applesauce with the Zestar! Apples for Joey’s lunches. Kale Chips to snack on in the office for me. And as the sweet corn is still so good, I plan to freeze a bag (4doz) of it on Sunday. Most of it will go into the freezer using my Easy Frozen Sweet Corn recipe I shared earlier this season. But I will also make a large batch of creamed corn, using the sweet Italian peppers, onion, and a little jalapeno for kick. It will be so good to pull out of the freezer at Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.

We only have 3 shares left of the season, and with the abundance coming from the farm I would anticipate the boxes to be full of squash and apples soon! Do you have a favorite fall recipe? Send it my way and I will gladly share it!

Happy Cooking!