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CSA Box Week 10: What to Do

Posted 8/23/2016 3:34am by Jenna Untiedt.

We got our first taste of fall this weekend, and I have to say it was glorious. The cool, crisp morning at the Minneapolis Farmers Market is always much more enjoyable with cooler temps rather heat and humidity. Now, don't get me wrong.....I am not looking forward to the real cold mornings with lots of layers of clothing, but Sunday morning this past weekend was pretty perfect. 

The shares this week also start to represent a little bit of what fall has to offer in the form of crops. One of my favorite fall recipes is included this week in the form of Potato Leek Soup. Apples are here to stay as well....all signs of what is to come. 

Let's get down to what's in the box and what to do with it:

Potatoes: As soon as I get home today I will be making Potato Leek Soup. Now, the soup is super easy to make. I will give you a few hints as to the fact that I do not peel the potatoes because that is just too much work for me. Yes, you will have a few specks of potato skins in the soup, but I can deal with that. If you don't have an immersion blender, just pour the soup into a blender and blend when you get to that point. Fortunately, I have an immersion blender...last year for Christmas I asked for a new blender and an immersion blender....I think that is when you realize you're actually an adult when you start asking for kitchen gadgets because you really want them! Oh and to make the soup a little bit fancier, feel free to add some bacon to the top....it is a great addition. 

Leeks: Use these in soup. If you aren't planning on making soup, these can be used like onions. Slice up and add to stir fry or caramelize for a burger topping. Leeks have a very, very mild flavor and are quite enjoyable. 

Sweet Corn: This corn is truly phenomenal. Last night at dinner, we were eating the same variety you are receiving today and it was so good! It is funny to think that we used to grow primarily yellow sweet corn, but the demand switched to bi-color, but I am pretty sure you will love the flavor of this yellow sweet corn!

Tomatoes: I am not going to lie, I have quite a few tomatoes from last weeks share still sitting on my counter. As I have said before, summer is a hard time for me and I am not home often. My goal either tonight or tomorrow night is to make a fresh batch of tomato sauce. You see, I don't follow all directions when cooking so I leave the skins and seeds in tomatoes when I make sauce. I slowly cook them with a bit of olive oil, garlic and fresh basil. Once cooked down, I throw them into the blender or food processor to smooth the sauce. Yum! 

Zestar! Apples: Now, I could tell you to make applesauce or apple crisp to celebrate the little signs of fall, but these apples are best for eating. At this time of year, apples are my afternoon snack with a little almond or peanut butter. Keep these in your fridge as they have a great crispy bite when cold. 

Honeydew Melon: Last week, we had a little sampling party of melons one afternoon as we were trying to figure what was ready to harvest. Honeydew won hands down. Enjoy this fabulous melon as it isn't too common to see a homegrown honeydew melon in MN. 

There you have it! Hopefully you can work through your share this week. I know I have my work cut out for me, but honestly, I cannot wait to get home today and make Potato Leek Soup. I was supposed to make it for my parents last night, but I worked late and didn't make it to the store in time. I guess they will have to settle for a batch on Wednesday when I come into work.