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CSA Box Week 11: What to Do

Posted 8/30/2016 3:40am by Jenna Untiedt.

As I sit down to write this, I realize what a perfect share this is this week. For many of you, it is the final week of summer with your kids at home, while many of you are getting back into the whole school routine. The share this week offers some quick snacks, easy additions to meals and hopefully little to no stress about what to do with your share contents. 

Each fall and winter, we sit down in the office and discuss what new items we would like to see in the CSA shares. We always read the end of the season surveys to look for your advice, but then we also look through seed catalogs to see what new and exciting items we can try. This takes place every season, and the share this week has some of those new ideas inside it including the mini bell peppers and the shockwave melon. There are some other items coming up that we haven't done before, but what you have to remember is that there is a big learning curve when we try new items. Very rarely do we get it right the first season, so often times it takes us until year two to really understand what we are doing and share the fruits with you. In the coming weeks a few new items will also appear such as fennel and jicama. 

Alright, lets get down to what to do with your shares this week:

Mini Bell Peppers: Well, personally I would just eat these as a snack, maybe add a little hummus to them and you are set. Some people are not a fan of raw peppers though so I would recommend roasting them. What I like to do is drizzle with a little olive oil and put on a cookie sheet and roast at about 500 degrees until they have a bit of charring on them. Once they are done, you can stick them in a container and they will keep in your fridge for a week or more. Mine don't usually last that long as I add them to almost everything I make. 

Sugar Cube Melon: My absolute favorite way to eat this melon is to half it, then fill the middle with cottage cheese. This is one of my mid-morning snacks. Although messy, it is a good pick me up. Since you are receiving a variety of melons this week, you could cut them all up and make a nice melon salad to enjoy all week long. 

Slicing Tomatoes: Considering at least 3 dinners a week are BLT's, that is what my tomatoes usually go towards. Try a yellow tomato on your sandwich this week as it has great flavor, but much lower acidity. 

Radishes: These are truly beautiful. The leaves are so green still and the radishes a deep red. A light radish salad can be made with these, otherwise just slicing and putting them in a bowl of water in the fridge and grabbing for a quick snack. 

Personal Size Watermelon: What a wonderful treat for the end of summer....as Jerry said, let them sit on your counter for a few days, but after that cool and enjoy! What is the worst part of watermelon? Cutting it.....honestly, watermelon is one of my favorite foods, but the prep work always gets me. These are much more manageable than large melons though so enjoy!

State Fair Sweet Corn: The best of the best according to most consumers! Before you know it, sweet corn season will be gone, so enjoy it while you can. 

Canary Melon: Another melon for your sampling this week. Try this one with a splash of lime juice and maybe a dash of salt. It is likely the last of these melons for this season, so enjoy!

Shockwave Cantaloupe: Yes, it has cantaloupe flavor, but the texture is much firmer. Let it ripen a couple days on your counter then enjoy. It doesn't get mushy like some cantaloupe, but it has some great flavor!

Zestar! Apples: The last batch of Zestars for the season, but onto a new variety next week. Enjoy these early fall apples and they truly do have a great bit and wonderful flavor. 

There you have it...I don't even have a recipe to include this week and the prep work for the share is pretty straight forward. Enjoy the abundance of melons this week! Many of you will be heading out of town for Labor Day, so take your share with you and share with others! Enjoy!