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CSA Box Week 12: What to Do

Posted 9/6/2016 4:19am by Jenna Untiedt.

As much as I hate to admit it, the summer season is winding down and we are switching to fall mode. Fall you say? Yes, fall is here. The weather may still feel like the humid July days, but this past weekend while working at the Minneapolis Farmers Market, the mornings were cool and were definitely giving us a foreshadow of what is to come. Corn stalks are cut and are drying, squash is beginning to be harvested, and within a week or two, our parking lot at the farm will turn into a sea of fall decor with bins upon bins of pumpkins and squash. Don't worry though, we still have all the wonders of the summer growing season though! Fall may be upon us, but the summer bounty will last a while longer. 

Alright, what to do with the share this week. Many of you are getting back into routines with a new school year starting, while others are slowing down from the weekend cabin trips and busy weekends that are associated with summer, which hopefully means a little bit more time in the kitchen. 

Sweet Corn: Enjoy this while you can. A special white variety of sweet corn this week to change it up a bit. Pair it with a a grilled burger and you have yourself a wonderful summer meal!

Broccoli: With a bit cooler temps in the forecast, it means a bit more energy to cook for me. So, I plan on making a risotto with the broccoli and fennel. Not only does it use multiple items from the box, but it also is a great side to any meal for the week and there are always leftovers. Here is the recipe I plan on using: http://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/9065-risotto-with-fennel-and-broccoli

Fennel: Well, a new offering we are trying this season. I love roasted fennel added to potatoes or squash. You can eat it raw by adding a few small slices to a salad. Grill a pork chop or two and serve with roasted fennel....that by far is a favorite in my household. 

Radishes: Only a few this week, so for those of you who are not radish lovers, you can definitely make it through them! Not a fan of radishes? Slice them super thin and add to a sandwich for some extra crunch. 

Sugar Cube: Enjoy the melons while you can! Fresh melons are only around for a bit longer before we all have to resume purchasing them at the local grocery store. There is something about the sweetness in these melons that just makes them so delicious!

Kale: Tired of kale chips? Try adding to a pasta dish, scrambled eggs, or a stir fry. Into juicing? Always a great add to any type of juice. Personally, I plan on making a batch of kale chips and maybe saving just a little bit to add to a batch or two of eggs. 

Chestnut Crab Apples: Yum! The tiny apples that are perfect for the kiddos in your life or a great little snack! Often overlooked because of their size, but truly great on bite and flavor. Enjoy!

Shockwave Melon: As I said with the sugar cube melon, enjoy while you can! My favorite way to enjoy the melons lately has been as dessert! 

Tomatoes: Just a few this week to serve alongside dinner, slice in a salad, or enjoy on BLT. 

There you have it! Week 12 of the CSA season, 5 more weeks to go and so many offerings left! Well, as I finish writing this blog at 5 this morning...we just experienced significant hail for about 15 minutes straight. It is too dark to tell the damage yet, but we are crossing our fingers.