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CSA Box Week 15: What to Do

Posted 9/27/2016 6:27am by Jenna Untiedt.

Well, there are two weeks remaining after today's share. Where has the time gone? Somehow summer feels like it is long gone and with the cool morning today, fall definitely feels like it is here to stay. The temperatures are now perfect for enjoying the squash you are receiving in your shares, but at the same time you can enjoy a few reminders of summer such as sweet corn, cucumbers, and zucchini. 

Here are a few helpful tips for this weeks share:

Sweet Corn: Alright, I thought I was done eating corn for the season until I tried what is in the shares. It is amazing. Probably the best I have had all season. Boil the last few ears of the season and enjoy with any meal. Do not let it go to waste because you will not have fresh sweet corn until next July....that's quite a long ways away. 

Golden Buttercup Squash: I'll admit, I normally do not choose to eat butternut squash. As much as I like squash, buttercup is not my favorite. This Golden Buttercup definitely has a different flavor and is more moist than traditional buttercup. Give it a try whether you bake it or turn it into soup. The temperatures are perfect for creating the perfect fall squash soup. 

Sweet Dumpling Squash: Add this squash as a side dish to any dinner this week. It is sweet and everyone will love it. 

Cucumbers: Enjoy the last dish of vinegar cukes or slice and enjoy for snacks. The days of fresh, local veggies are numbered and before you know it we will all be back to buying wax covered cucumbers from the grocery store. 

Beets: I prefer to roast the beets in the oven, let cool, peel and put in the fridge. Throughout the week I add them to salads cold, or I warm them up and pair them with dinner. I am sure before the week is up I will end up making the final steak salad of the summer, topped with roasted beets....definitely one of my favorites. 

Kohlrabi: A welcomed fall treat. Kohlrabi fries are on my menu this week. Simply slice into home fries, drizzle with some olive oil,  sprinkle with your favorite seasonings and bake. Yum!

Zucchini: Great for a fall stir fry. Add some onions and maybe a little sweet corn you have cut off the cob along with some diced mini peppers. You will have a complete meal in no time. 

Mini Bell Peppers: Roast and save for enjoyment throughout the week or wash and slice for snacks, either way they are full of flavor!

Honeycrisp Apples: Apple Crisp, sauce, or just plain sliced and enjoyed as a snack. Enjoy some of the best tasting Honeycrisps we have ever grown. 


There you have it, week number 15. Two more deliveries after today will round out the 2016 CSA season. We hope you have been enjoy the shares and will consider joining us again next season. Have a great week!