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CSA Box Week 2: Tips, Tricks, and Ideas

Posted 6/27/2017 4:37am by Jenna Untiedt.

Week 2 is here and there is so much you can do with the box this week. I have loved seeing all of the pictures on Facebook and Instagram with your Week 1 creations. 

As many of you know, I spend Monday nights at the farm so I have less of a commute as I begin work at 2:45 on Tuesday mornings. Many would think that means I get a home cooked meal from my mother, but usually the tables are turned....I cook dinner for my parents. Granted, I send my mother the grocery list and she does all the dishes, but I cook dinner. It's a pretty great system and a good time to reconnect with both of my parents. 

Dinner last night consisted of stir fry. It was ready in about 45 minutes and Farmer Jerry told me it was probably one of his favorite meals i've made. He even ate it cold because he missed dinner due to planting corn. Ill give you a quick step by step to the stir fry at the bottom of this blog. 

Here are a few ideas for this week's share:

Cauliflower: If you aren't feeling adventurous, you can just cut it up and eat it raw for snacks. A little more adventurous? Try roasting it at 425 degrees with a bit of olive oil and salt/pepper. Or, I personally used it as cauliflower rice in the stir fry I made last night. If you have a food processor just throw it in there until it is crumbled into small pieces. No food processor? No problem. The only issue cooking at my parent's house is the fact they do not have the same kitchen tools I have. Since my mother is lacking a food processor, I just used a cheese grater. It's a bit more work, but it definitely works.

Tomatoes: It is finally tomato season. I am notorious for buying tomatoes in the winter and never actually eating them because they taste horribly to me. These are worth eating! BLT's are likely in store for me this week. A quick and easy meal that is sure to satisfy. 

Lettuce: With two varieties this week, Romaine and Bibb, you have a few options. First option, use it for those BLT's I just mentioned. Salads are another option. I loved all the feedback last week about how much flavor the lettuce had, it definitely is true that locally grown lettuce has much more flavor than store bought. The last idea for the lettuce is adult lunchables. Yes, I said it: adult lunchables. When I was a kid, I only got lunchables on special occasions, like a field trip for school. Now, I make my own and they are 100 times better than anything you can buy. I use the lettuce as the base. Next I add some hummus followed by any other vegetable or sandwich meat. My adult lunchables usually consist of: Lettuce, hummus, tomato, cucumber, sometimes turkey and occasionally cheese. You can mix it up all the time, but the lettuce this week is perfect to try these out!

Potatoes: Simply boiled and smashed is a great way to use these up! If you are like me and only eat a few at the a time, I like to boil them all at once and then place them in the fridge. Each time I want them I can toss them in the microwave quick or my favorite way to eat them is to make crispy smashed potatoes. With the precooked potatoes, I smash them when they are cold and then toss them in a little olive oil and heat them up until the are crispy. If you like them a little crispier, just throw them in the oven at about 475 degrees.

Garlic Scapes: These are perfect to add to a stir fry or add to the top of your potatoes.

Kohlrabi: There are infinite uses for this vegetable. Personally, I used mine in stir fry last night. But, you can make kohlrabi fries, coleslaw, or just eat it raw. Ill link a recipe or two in the newsletter.

Bok Choy:  This was a new to me vegetable in terms of cooking it. I like eating it, but I had never cooked it before. Don't worry, it's super simple. Stir fry is a perfect way to use this vegetable if you are new to it. Just remember, the stalks take longer to cook than the leaves. 

Radishes: I grew up with my dad always having radishes in the fridge in a bowl of water. I always wanted to like them and while they have grown on me a bit, I still wouldn't choose to just eat them plain. But, I like them in things. I added mine to my stir fry last night. What a great way to get more veggies into your diet and not really taste them. 

Strawberries: I don't think you need many ideas on what to do with the berries. Just remember that homegrown strawberries are very different than store bought berries. Do not wash until you are ready to use. The shelf life is much shorter than store bought berries. These are picked ripe and ready to eat, please don't let them sit too long!

Peaches: An added treat this week! They may not be the prettiest and may have a bruise or two, but the flavor is amazing. I took mine and made a peach crisp last night. Here is the recipe I used. That is a gluten free recipe as I typically bake GF and eat mostly GF due to some great food sensitivities, but there are so many recipes out there. You could even mix the strawberries and peaches together to make a crisp....but eating them fresh might be the best and easiest way to get through them.

I hope this helps out a bit! If you have questions, please let me know. So many great things this week that make the box a lot of fun.

Just a friendly reminder that CSA shares will be delivered on Monday, July 3rd next week due to the holiday. If changes need to be made, please have them emailed to me by Friday, June 30th.

Have a great week! 


Recipe For CSA Stir Fry:

1 head Bok Choy (chopped with stems and greens separated)

1 bunch Radishes sliced 

2 Kohlrabi peeled and sliced 

1 head cauliflower riced (grate with cheese grater or put in food processor)

Garlic scapes diced 

Protein of choice, I used chicken

Sesame Oil

Step 1: Prep all the veggies and protein

Step 2: sautee protein with a bit of garlic powder, ginger if you have it

Step 3: Sauce. I reduced a bottle of coconut aminos with 2 tablespoons of sriracha and a dash of minced garlic. Mix together and simmer for 10-15 minutes stirring every few minutes. It will thicken as the sugars cook out. Once thickened, set aside in a bow. 

Step 4: In the same pan you cooked the sauce, add a tablespoon of butter or olive oil and cook protein choice. Once done, set aside. 

Step 5: In large frying pan or wok, cook kohlrabi, radishes and stems of bok choy until tender. Cook in olive oil with a dash of sesame oil. Once tender, remove from pan and add riced cauliflower and garlic scapes with a few dashes of sesame oil. Stir continuously until soft. 

Step 6: Add bok choy leaves to cooked cauliflower rice. Add in all other vegetables and meat. Stir until bok choy leaves are soft and wilted. Add desired amount of sauce. I used about half and will use the other half for another meal later in the week. 

If you don't feel up to making your own sauce, you can buy any type of sauce to add to the mix. Any type of ginger, teriyaki, or asian inspired sauces would be great for this dish.