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CSA Box Week 3: What to Do

Posted 7/5/2016 4:01am by Jenna Untiedt.

Happy post 4th of July! Hopefully everyone had an enjoyable day. Although some of my day was spent in the office, the afternoon was spent with a puppy. And in my world, puppies make everything better, so it was a great 4th. You see, I really want a puppy but it just doesn't work out with my work schedule at this point in my life. So you know what is even better? When your parents get a puppy and you get to see it everyday. It is truly the best of both worlds. 

Ok, back to what to do with the share this week. There are so many possibilities this week, I just hope I get to make everything I want. Sometimes I have great intentions, but I run out of time. 

Here are some ideas to help you through the box:

Chub Cucumbers: Please make my grandma's refrigerator pickles with these and the onion! Bam! You will use most of the chubs and will have a great snack for the whole week. When I was a kid, my grandma would make these all summer and send them home with us. I am not quite sure why my mom never made them, but it was always a special treat from grandma. Super easy to make, and here's a helpful hint: If you have a food processor, use it to slice the chubs. No need to peel them, just stick them in the processor....saves so much time!

Kale: I love kale. I could eat it every day. Kale chips are probably my favorite. Simply chop the lake, I chop the stem as well because it is faster, but feel free to just use the leaves. Drizzle with olive oil and massage in so the kale absorbs the oil and bake at 425 for 10-15 minutes. Make sure to keep an eye on it as it can burn, but the more often you stir it, the crispier the leaves get. Top it off with some seasoned salt or garlic salt. 

Need to eat the kale without knowing you are eating kale? Saute a piece into your scrambled eggs. Throw some into a morning smoothie...honestly, you will never know it is there. You can even chop it up and freeze it for soups this winter. So many options!

Swiss Chard: I ate this for dinner again last night and it was phenomenal. Just cook it down over medium heat and enjoy! I like to use leftovers in the mornings with my breakfast of eggs. 

Potatoes: Boiled is perfect, but grilled might be even better. Chop them up and place in aluminum foil with some butter and salt. Grill and enjoy!

Carrots: I like to use the carrots as a go to quick snack for the week. If you like cooked carrots, these are great to roast and top with a little honey. I always think I like cooked carrots, but then am disappointed when I go to eat them. Ill keep mine raw, but the possibilities are really endless. 

Beets: The love it or hate it vegetable. Personally, I love them, but I hate cooking them because they turn everything red! So, I wrap each beet individually in tinfoil and roast them until they are soft. Let them cool, the skin should gently peel off once cool. Personally, I don't really like beets warm, but I am a huge fan of them on salads or mixed with some feta or goat cheese. I usually like to have a bowl of diced up beets in my fridge that I can grab at any time. 

Zucchini: Lately, I have been a big fan of raw zucchini with some hummus. Toss it into any stir fry though for extra veggie consumption! 

Peas: Shuck them and boil for an awesome addition to dinner. These peas are so sweet that you can just eat them raw as well. 

Tomatoes: Real tomatoes! They have wonderful texture and great flavor. Add them to a burger, a sandwich or salad. You will be receiving tomatoes regularly, but enjoy these first ones of the season. 

Peaches: We know peaches do not grow here. As Farmer Jerry said, these are from Georgia. We wanted to make sure you got some fruit this week in the shares since we do not have enough berries to send yet. Let them ripen a bit and then enjoy! 


There you have it. Hopefully some helpful hints to make it through your share this week. Enjoy!