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CSA Box Week 4: Tips, Tricks, and Ideas

Posted 7/11/2017 3:58am by Jenna Untiedt.

What a week it has been! First it was the 4th of July which was a long weekend with some work intermixed and now it is farm tour season. Some how I forget each year that July goes by so incredibly fast that if you blink, it is over and done with. 

We all survived our first weekend of farm tours. We were blessed with probably the nicest weather we have ever had. But do not worry, it looks like typical tours are in store for this coming weekend with heat and humidity. If you are signed up to come, make sure you drink plenty of water and wear your sunscreen. If you have not signed up yet, there are still plenty of spots available for you to do so. Week night tours can be found here, and weekend tours here

I'll be honest for a minute here, farm tours are a lot of extra work for all of our staff. Everyone puts in extra time on top of their normal duties, but we all feel it is extremely important for everyone to understand how agriculture works. We wish it was just as easy as planting something in the ground and hoping for the best. But in reality a farm is kind of like a giant research facility. We are always trying new things to make crops perform better or more efficiently. There are always trials and errors, some yielding great results and others not so much. Farming isn't for the faint of heart and it is a lot of work. So many people venture to the grocery store, purchase the food they need and proceed to take it home and consume it. I challenge you to take a minute to think about how it all was grown. Although produce grows 24/7, it is important to remember that so much of what you are receiving now in your shares was started back in March. It takes a long time to grow certain crops and nothing is guaranteed. These are all reasons we invite our members out to the farm. We want you all to learn what goes into producing high quality crops along with some of the basics in agriculture. Most of us who work at the farm grew up with some sort of agriculture, but that is not the case anymore in today's society. So, take a few hours out of your schedules and visit us during one of the tours. It is a great look and lesson on what farming is evolving into. We would love to see you all. 

Alright, back to the share this week. I have grand plans for my box this week, but I think my schedules allows me one night at home this week before 8pm. So, that one night will be spent prepping for the rest of the week to ensure I can use my share to its fullest extent.

Chubs: Many of you had the opportunity to try the refrigerator pickles at the farm tours. If you haven't been to the tour yet, do not worry, these are a staple and you can enjoy them soon. Take the chubs and your onion and make a quick batch of refrigerator pickles. To make the pickles even faster.....use a food processor to slice the chubs. It's magical and cuts the prep time in half. Many of you will ask where to buy Tarragon Vinegar? Most grocery stores have it next to the regular vinegar. 

Onion: Add it to the refrigerator pickles. If the pickles arent your thing. Slice it in rings, toss with a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper and grill until soft. They are truly delicious. 

Broccoli: You can eat it raw as a snack or I prefer roasting mine. I toss with olive oil, salt and pepper and roast at about 450 degrees until it is a bit crispy. It is great to have a container in the fridge so I can grab for a snack or add to a meal. 

Lettuce: Since we don't have slicing tomatoes this week, you can make a BLT salad instead of sandwich. This is a staple in my house. Take your lettuce, slice your tomatoes, add a piece or two of bacon and you have a great salad. You can then add any additional veggies or proteins to it. 

Herbs: So many uses. I would personally transplant them and use them all summer. I planted herbs back in May, but guess what...they died. I think you need to be home to care for them and that might be my problem :) 

Grape Tomatoes: Add them to the BLT salad, or just eat as a snack. Please do not refrigerate. Leave them on the counter. These don't last long in my house as I grab one or two each time I walk by them in the kitchen. 

Green Zucchini: Usually I just slice and eat raw or add to a quick stir fry. I am thinking I want some zucchini muffins this week though. My sister Megan who I work with is usually the baker though, so maybe if I am nice and give her the zucchini, muffins might magically appear on my desk one morning this week. I can dream, right?

Cabbage: I grew up eating a salad my mom used to make with cabbage and ramen noodles. While I haven't eaten ramen noodles since college, this salad was always so good. Here is a similar recipe that I plan to make this week. 

Cucumber: This is a pretty typical snack. Slice and enjoy. Or, add some spice to your water this weekend when it is supposed to be hot and humid.

Beans: These are my absolute favorite. There are so many things you can do with them. Because Im short on time this week, I will probably just steam the entire batch so I can grab and go for meals. Otherwise you can sautee with butter and garlic. 

Raspberries: We are hoping these make it to you intact, but if they are soft when they get to you, just add them to your ice cream or yogurt. If the berries have started to melt, they are actually sweeter so enjoy them as a topping instead of a finger food.

There you have it. A quick rundown of what to do with your share this week. Many of you have been sharing what you have been up to with your shares and we love it! Continue to share and inspire others with your creations. Have a great week and we will see many of you this week at farm tours.