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CSA Box Week 4: What to Do

Posted 7/11/2016 6:23pm by Jenna Untiedt.

It is that time of the week again, what are you going to do with everything in your share? This is one of the weeks where I am just going to have to give you ideas and not actually partake in any of the prep work. With Farm Tours happening this week, no evenings will be spent ay home, which means meals on the go. I did roast a few veggies, so I will use those up throughout the week!

Roasted veggies? Yes, basically my life savor. I used to think you only roasted vegetables in the winter for some reason, but I do it all year round now. Roasted veggies are added to almost every meal I eat...simply, the best. 

What can you roast from this weeks share? Well, id throw the carrots and potatoes on a cookie sheet and roast away. On another sheet, id add the cabbage and onion. They cook at different speeds, so once they are done, id toss them all together. I roast zucchini as well, but some people aren't a fan of the texture once reheated. I don't mind it, so it is an easy way to get another vegetable in the mix. 

I posted a link for Sesame Green Beans in the newsletter. They look fabulous! You can make the entire batch of peas that way and have them for several meals throughout the week. Maybe in the few hours I have at home this week, I can find the energy to make this. 

Cucumber and chub cukes are my go-to snack everyday. Sometimes I will sprinkle a little salt or even a little feta cheese. This week you can even mix in the grape tomatoes! This makes for a truly great snack or appetizer. 

This is a short guide this week, but I hope it helps! I will likely see many of you at Farm Tours this week and over the next two weekends. Please feel free to post and pictures on social media and tag us so other CSA members can see what you are up to with your share.

Have a great week!