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CSA Box Week 6: Tips, Tricks and Ideas

Posted 7/25/2017 3:47am by Jenna Untiedt.

Thank you to all of you who made it to the farm throughout the month of July. We had over 1000 visitors throughout the course of the month. Shout out to our entire staff who put in countless hours to make it all possible, they are truly the best. 

How is it the end of July already? It is crazy to think how fast it is going. I thought as a child the summers went quickly, but as an adult they go even faster! There were two big weekends I was looking forward to this summer and they happened to be back to back at the end of July. My weekends of fun are here and I was able to skip farm tours this past weekend and spend the weekend in Alexandria at one of my best friend's wedding. From spending time on the lake to the actual wedding, it was truly a great summer weekend. This coming weekend is a trifecta of concerts Friday, Saturday and Sunday night...I may be a bit much, but that is what summer is about! Hopefully you all are able to get out and enjoy the summer weather and summer activities as well. 

Because I was gone all weekend and sleep was definitely at a minimal, creating a plan for food this week was a quick one, but the nice thing about the shares is that it gives me some boundaries. I don't have to think of what to buy, but can center my meals around what comes in the box. If you do most of your meal planning on the weekends, my advice to you would be to plan your protein portion of the meals and add in your CSA veggies on the side. 

I despise grocery shopping, absolutely hate it. Yes, I use Instacart and order things on Amazon frequently because I simply hate going to the store. I even subscribe to a service called Butcher Box which delivers grass fed meet once a month or once every other month. It is simply the best. Some people think this is a little crazy to have most of my food delivered, but I look at it in the way it saves me a substantial amount of time and actually increases the quality of what I am eating. Between work and trying to have a small social life at this time of year, it makes eating fresh, healthy food achievable. No, none of these services are sponsored, I just like sharing what works for a busy individual. 

Alright, let's get to the share this week. There are really so many things you can do with your box. From bowls to stir fry the possibilities are endless. 

Chinese Cabbage: So, instead of stir fry I used the cabbage to make Summer Rolls with Chicken & Spice Peanut Sauce. Check out the recipe, it takes a bit of time, but is pretty simple to make. The best part is that you can incorporate some of the chub cukes and carrots into the recipe as well. If you are feeling adventurous, try making kimchi with it. I am going to attempt this as well as a coworker requested some....stay tuned to our Facebook page to see how this adventure goes. 

Sweet Corn: Simply bring a pot of water to a boil, put the corn in and once it returns to a boil keep the corn in for 3 minutes then remove. Truly a great taste of summer. Growing up, we ate sweet corn every night for dinner and by every night I am not exaggerating. All discussions around the dinner table centered around corn and what varieties we liked better. So being home on Monday nights brings back all the old memories. If you are making a bowl this week, you can simply cut the corn off the cob once cooked and add it to a bowl or stir fry!

Tomatoes: Who doesn't love a BLT? I feel like everyone has a little variation of their own, but a simply BLT is always a great and quick weeknight dinner option. Otherwise, these slicing tomatoes make great sandwich toppers or burger additions. 

Carrots: Roasted with a dab of honey is a great way to enjoy these fresh carrots. You can also add them to the Summer Roll up recipe listed under Chinese Cabbage. 

Chubs: A little overwhelmed with what to do with another week of chubs? A member emailed me and mentioned throwing a few slices in her water. The best part was the ones she used probably would have been tossed because they were put in the part of the refrigerator that gets a little too cold...what a great idea! These are a great snack to just grab and go too. 

Potatoes: Roasting the potatoes, onion, and turnips together make for a great combination. I did this last night and my dad didn't even know he ate turnips! These potatoes are also great for making a small batch of potato salad or fried potatoes. 

Turnips: Turnips are definitely an old fashioned vegetable, but are really great. You can treat them almost like a potato. Roast them or boil them. You can turn them into mashed turnips and trick the kids into eating them, or mix them with potatoes. Give them a shot, they are fun to experiment with. 

Zucchini: Simply sautee and add to the side of any meal this week. Or, broil with a dash of parmesean cheese on top. 

Swiss Chard: Personally, I like to cook mine in some bacon grease and then mix into some quinoa and top with a variety of other vegetables. The finer you slice the chard, the better it blends into whatever you choose to mix it with. You can also boil it if bacon grease isn't your thing. 

Kale: I love kale. It is probably my favorite vegetable. I didn't discover kale until I was an adult, but it is simply the best. I like to make kale chips or simply sautee it. If making chips, make sure you massage some olive oil into it and watch it closely in the oven so it doesn't burn. If kale isn't your jam, toss it into a smoothie with some fruit. You won't even taste it, but you will get all the benefits from it. 

There you have it. Honestly, I cooked most veggies last night at my parents house for dinner. Yes, I had 3 cookie sheets of roasted vegetables by the time I was done. Glad they will be enjoying leftovers for most of the week. I introduced my parents to quinoa or rice bowls last week, which they requested for dinner again last night. They now can eat them throughout the week with a variety of toppings, minus the leftover chicken from last night since the dog enjoyed an after dinner snack. 

Hopefully this sparks some creativity and you can work your way through the box this week. Enjoy!