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CSA Box Week 7: What to Do

Posted 8/2/2016 3:49am by Jenna Untiedt.

First of all, how is it August already? I feel like yesterday was just the beginning of the summer and now the topic of conversation is the State Fair and going back to school.....Fall is right around the corner and i'm not sure how I feel about that. I always thought summer went too fast as a child, but as an adult it goes by even faster!

I've had my first two emails regarding fall products such as pumpkins and squash. In reality, within 4 weeks, we will be transitioning our warehouse once again to accommodate summer harvest as well as fall harvest. I really can't believe it...the season has gone by so quickly.

Let's get to what is in the box this week:

Green Beans: I love to just sautee the beans in some sesame oil and garlic. Sautee until nice and soft and enjoy. Sometimes I just eat green beans for dinner because im too tired to make anything else. If there are some leftover, I love to just throw them on top of a salad the next day.

Potatoes: You can definitely make a summer fresh potato salad with these. Otherwise, I like to just dice and roast them. I then add them to a few different meals throughout the week. I included a link the newsletter by Jerry, but here is another recipe id be willing to consider this week: Creamy Dijon Dill Potato Salad

Zucchini: Im a fan of spiralizing this vegetable. I'm not a huge pasta fan, so I often use vegetables as faux noodles. Zucchini is often a go-to for me because it is easy and fast to cook. Sautee some zucchini and make a fresh herb dressing to go on top and you have either a great dinner or side to any meal. 

Onions: Add the onions to the potato salad, roasted potatoes, stir fry....the possibilities are truly endless. 

Green Peppers: These are amazing. The flavor is so great, I want to add them to everything I eat. Some of my favorite uses are mixed in with eggs, add to potato salad, finger food snacking, burger topping or mixed in with any stir fry. 

Cabbage: I have a tendency to use cabbage like lettuce. I slice it up real thin and use in place of lettuce. To be honest I do this because if food doesn't come from the farm I probably don't have it in my house because I haven't had time to go grocery shopping. You can add any type of dressing to it, but I prefer a peanut dressing or a poppyseed. 

Sweet Corn: Yes, the corn is getting better and better each week. I've had corn for dinner probably 3 times in the last week which is a lot for me. Last nights variety, Nirvana, was exceptional. If you end up cooking it all and there is a cob or 2 leftover, just slice it off and keep in the fridge. Use it on a salad or add to stir fry the next day. 

Tomatoes: So many uses for tomatoes. Lately, I have been slicing and eating with fresh mozzarella cheese and basil. Use them to top a burger or a great addition to any sandwich.

There you have it, week 7 in a snapshot. Hopefully you enjoy everything this week!

Until next week....