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January Update

Posted 1/21/2020 11:30am by Colleen Quiram.

It might be hard to see if you drove past us, but the farm is buzzing with activity in January! Jerry is working on yet more seed orders, going through feedback from Paul, our retail locations, and customers on each of our products. Which sweet corn variety performed best? What was the feedback on Okra? What new varieties of vegetables are available for growers like us? This process begins in October and continues for months, right until April or even later as he orders late season crops.

Our 2020 CSA Program is off to a great start, I have been out to a few locations spreading the news of our change in share sizes and the feedback has been great! We always strive to fill our share boxes, but we realize that not every household can use that much produce in a week. New in 2020, we have discontinued our Full Share, renamed our Half Share to the Family Share, and we have added a new Mini Share option! Our Family shares (previously known as Half Shares) are perfect for a household of 3-4 people. They feature 7-10 different items each week and will have all the quantity and variety our farm has to offer! Our new Mini Share is designed for those who have a smaller household of 2 people. Featuring less variety and less quantity, the Mini is a way of introducing farm fresh produce into your weekly meals. I am excited to have a smaller option available for smaller households, but realize that the Mini share will miss out on some of our delicious produce this summer! Follow our farm on Facebook to see where I will be next, and make a plan to visit with me as I travel to different drop site locations across the metro!

Our office staff is preparing for the incoming 2020 farm and retail staff. Training materials, housing, new regulations we need to follow, and timelines for hiring. Making sure everything is ready for what looks to be a very busy season!

Paul and Trent have been working since October on the newest additions to our farm, building greenhouses for our seed starting operation! In the past, the seeding has happened at our Waverly farm, which is a bit cramped as we are limited on space. After planting the seeds in flats, we move the flats to the small hoop houses, and once the seedlings are ready to be planted they are loaded up and transported to our main growing area at Montrose. These new greenhouses are in Montrose and will reduce the labor and emissions spent to move the seedlings from location to location. We are all very excited for this new space!

And one last tidbit of news, many of you heard of our Minnetonka Garden Center location closing early this fall. We have been very busy researching new possibilities and hope to finalize the details in the coming months, we will announce our 2020 location soon!

I hope this winter is treating you kindly, even though we’ve had a few cold snaps the temperatures have been rather mild for Minnesota. As always, get outside when you can and enjoy our great state and weather!