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State of the Farm: June 16

Posted 6/16/2020 10:19am by Jenna Untiedt.

The start of the 2020 growing season has been significantly different than the past few years. The temperatures have been warmer earlier in the season and a bit more consistent as well. There hasn't been any excessive precipitation to date this season, unlike the past few years. The farm is extremely dry, but we aren't alone. Most of west central Minnesota is extremely dry and could benefit from a nice, gentle rainfall. 

Since we can't program Mother Nature, the next best thing we can do is irrigate. We are fortunate to have irrigation on a large amount of our farmland. These systems are currently running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even on the windy days, we just keep watering as the ground is so dry. 

Overall, the crops look exceptional this year! We have started harvesting cucumbers, chub cukes, slicing tomatoes, grape tomatoes, zucchini and even a few strawberries. Our vegetable stands open on Friday, June 19th and the CSA season kicks off on Tuesday, June 23rd. 

As we prepare to open the vegetable stands this Friday, we want you all to understand that sweet corn is hard to come by at this point in time. Just like any other season, we typically start with shipped-in sweet corn from our friends in Georgia and then work our way north until Minnesota corn is ready in mid-July. Sweet corn in addition to watermelons are extremely limited throughout the country this year. Why? Well, there are a few reasons. The first reason has a bit to do with COVID. Back in March, many growers in Florida had to destroy their crops as they had nowhere to take their products. This produced some uncertainty for future demands. The second reason is purely related to economic conditions. Agriculture across the country is in dire straits. Many farms could not secure financing from their lenders this year, therefore were not able to plant their typical crops. We will do our best to bring in the highest quality produce for you all to enjoy until our own Minnesota corn and melons are ready, but we just want to give you a heads up that there may be days without the corn we are known for. 

We have always had a strong commitment to giving back and supporting our communities. This season we have partnered with Wright County Community Action to give them excess produce or produce that is considered a number 2 and unable to be sold in the traditional distribution channels. So far, we have been providing them with zucchini, but as more produce is available and harvested, we will add to the assortment. It is a great partnership as they are able to take a large quantity and distribute to local food shelves throughout Wright County and help those in need. 

Overall, the season is off to a great start! We can't wait to get our products out to you on a regular basis. We truly enjoy growing for you.