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State of the Farm: May 1

Posted 4/30/2020 8:52pm by Jenna Untiedt.
It's so hard to believe, but it's the first of May already and you are due for a farm report. So far, the spring has been so beautiful and allowed us to accomplish so much more than the last several springs at this date. We have many crops started ahead of schedule, and they are looking so healthy. Our first sweet corn has emerged, the onions are up and beginning to bulb, and our first tomatoes are blooming and setting baby fruits. The beginnings of our CSA are all looking stellar and we are excited about what we have to offer.
COVID-19 has thrown us a curveball this season, but we are rapidly adjusting and making modifications in just about every area of our business. Building online platforms for flower sales at our garden centers, creating new operating procedures for workers on the farm, and making staffing adjustments as many of our employees who return year after year on the H2A agricultural worker visa have been unable to leave their home countries due to lockdowns. Creativity, perseverance, and just plain old hard work is getting us through this time. 
I encourage you all to get outside and enjoy the weather we have been having. By the time this blog goes live, all 7 of our Garden Centers will be open. If you feel comfortable shopping in person, visit our wonderful staff. They would be happy to assist you in picking out plants this season. Our online shopping with curbside pickup or local delivery is coming soon for those of you who feel more comfortable with that option. Simply seeing a colorful patio pot on your front steps or your deck and improve your mood for the day. 
Stay well, 
Farmer Jerry