Why purchase a CSA share instead of shop at Farmers Markets or the Roadside Vegetable Stands?

A CSA share ensures you are getting fresh vegetables each week and removes the obstacles of not sure what to buy, or not enough time to stop and shop. Many of us are also creatures of habit, we visit our local market and buy the same produce week after week. A CSA shares adds variety to our diets and makes cooking fun again! Our CSA program is a fun, healthy way to incorporate new vegetables to your weekly meals. 

Is your farm organic?

While we are not 100% organic, we try to be as natural and sustainable as we can, always incorporating as many organic techniques as possible. For example, we use sprays containing beneficial Nematodes, which are microscopic and attack and kill everything from fungus to pests.

While we are not certified Organic by USDA standards, we are a GMO free farm.

What can I expect to see in my box each week?

We grow over 50 crops on our farm. You can view a listing with expected harvest dates here. Please remember that harvest dates change every year, and are almost always out of our control. You will NEVER see an entire box full of the same item. We have become known for our quality and variety in our shares each week. 

Shares will receive 7-10 items, and Mini-shares will receive 5-7 items each week. 

How many people does a share feed?

Our Share (previously Half-share) will feed a household of 3-4, and a Mini-share will feed a household of 2.   

What is this new 'Mini-Share'?

Our Mini-Share is a slightly smaller portion of our produce. Designed for a household of 2, the Mini-share is more manageable for families looking to still eat local, fresh, and healthy with less waste. The Mini-share may have slightly less variety, or less quantity, than the regular Share.

Can I split a share?

Yes, you can split a share with anyone of your choosing. It is entirely your responsibility to split the share. Please realize contents in the box may not be equal for both parties.  For example, watermelons!

When does your season start?

Our season begins in mid-June and continues for 17 weeks.

Can I select which items I would like to receive?

At this time, we are not able to customize each share.

Where do I pick up?

We deliver to multiple sites around the metro, you can view all our public drop sites here, and our corporate sites here. Corporate sites are open to employees of those locations only.

Can I get my box delivered to me at work?

Absolutely! We already partner with many corporate locations. If you are interested in having your workplace or community be a drop site Contact Us!  

What if I'm going out of town for a week?

You may have a friend or family member pick up for you. If you need to have your share delivered to a different location for a week, please let us know 48 hours in advance.    

What if I forget to pick up my box?

Unfortunately, we cannot hold or credit shares if you miss a pickup. All shares are delivered on Tuesdays. Please check your preseason email with what to do if you forgot your share. Some pickup sites are more forgiving than others.   

What if something is missing from my share?

When packing so many boxes, occasionally something gets missed. Please note this is not on purpose! Just contact us and we would be more than happy to get your item replaced.  

The sizing of my produce is different than the sizing of the produce in another box. 

We wish all produce could be grown exactly the same, but unfortunately it does not work that way. While we try to pack all boxes evenly, produce sizes do very.    

Something in my share is rotten or not edible, what do I do? 

Just let us know, and we will take care of it for you! Occasionally, something may slip through the cracks that is less than perfect, but we will definitely replace it for you.  We never purposely send out subpar produce, but we guarantee everything and are happy to replace something if it is bad on the inside.  

Is there a sign up deadline?

The earlier you sign up, the better we are able to plan for the season. In true essence of the CSA model, we use your dollars to help us get started for the season. We do not have a deadline for registration, but we will close our registration should we meet our maximum number of shares.    

Can I visit the farm to see how my food is grown?

Absolutely! We host farm tours, usually in the month of July. At these tours, you are able to see one of our production areas and understand how we use high tunnel farming to increase our yields and provide you with higher quality produce. These tours also include a farm fresh meal.   

What is the CSA Member Agreement?  

2020 CSA Member Agreement  

Where do I sign up?

You may sign up on our website here.  

Do you have payment plans available?

Yes, payment plans are available for the CSA shares. The amount of the share is divided into 4 monthly payments when registering. Payment plans are available until the first CSA delivery.  Please call us at 763-658-4672 to sign up with a payment plan.