Staff Members
Jerry Untiedt

Jerry Untiedt founded Untiedt's Vegetable Farm 40 years ago. He is in charge of instrumentation of the Untiedt's vision. Enabling team members to accomplish goals (both personal and business related), and guiding his team through difficulties they encounter while pursuing their goals. Before Farmer Jerry started he was a student at the University of Minnesota. Shortly after he and his wife moved to Waverly, Minnesota to follow their dreams.

This farm is the culmination and continuation of his dream to contribute to the development of a sustainable, environmentally-friendly, agriculture business. Jerry is a steward of the land, works to enrich the lives of his employees, and cares deeply about the sustainability of his farm to ensure its growth generation after generation. He knows there is a long way to go, but loves doing what he does and has tons of fun while doing it!

Paul Nelson

Paul Nelson has been with Untiedt's since he married his wife 14 joyful years ago (he said it is amazing sometimes what the in-laws get you into). His role varies daily but predominately includes assisting with planning, planting, growing, harvesting, sales, marketing, employee management and development and trying to implement many of the ideas Jerry comes up with.

Before Paul worked for Untiedt's he was a farm hand on his parents farm where he learned the value of an honest days work for 20 years. He also was an estimator/designer for a general contractor where he learned that even the best laid plans need modification every now and then.

The Untiedt's Vegetable Farm means an awful lot to his family and himself. He said being able to raise your children to learn and value hard work, teamwork, and the great outdoors is something not every person is able to do in life. The Farm provides him with constantly changing challenges, which makes sure no two days are ever the same. There is something about farming that rewards your soul in ways that are hard to describe. It always amazes him what this Farm and its great employees can accomplish when they put their minds and backs into it!

Craig Gilb

Craig Gilb has been with Untiedt's since 1994, working as a part time employee at our Maple Plain and Buffalo locations. Upon graduating from St. Cloud State in 1997 with a finance degree, he began working full time growing the retail side of the Untiedt's business. Today, Craig is our Head of Retail Operations, in charge of all our retail locations in the Twin Cities area. To him Untiedt's is like a second family, and he loves to work outdoors so the job is perfect.

Megan Dallmann

Megan has been with the farm full time since graduating from The University of St. Thomas in 2001.  She has had a played a variety of roles at the farm including working at the Farmers Market, managing the Wright County retail sector and most recently helping out in the office.

Stuart Dallmann

Stuart Dallmann has been with Untiedt's Vegetable Farm since meeting his wife, Megan, but has been full time since 2008. Stuart is in charge of retail sales at the Farmers' Market Annex concessions location and caters private events.

Before starting at Untiedt's, Stuart was a landscaper and in the seafood and culinary arts industry.

Untiedt's is special to him because it means working really hard and doing new things that nobody else does - everyday! He continues to love working for Untiedt's because of the challenge his job brings him.

Colleen Quiram

Colleen has been with Untiedt's since 2009 and is the Market Manager for the Maple Grove Garden Center. One of her favorite things to do is talk to customers about vegetable gardening, both in the ground and in containers. She also enjoys promoting our CSA program and sharing her knowledge of canning, eating local, and cooking healthy. In 2013 Colleen became a U of M Master Gardener of Wright County.

Before joining the Untiedt’s team, she was a stay-at-home mom focused on growing as many vegetables for her family as possible and preserving them for the winter months. She still maintains a large vegetable garden with her family, growing primarily heirloom tomatoes and whatever her son picks out of the seed catalogs! 

Megan Sheats

Megan has been working with Untiedt's at our Knollwood location since 2013 and has recently been promoted to manager for our newest location at Southdale Mall. (anticipated opening 2018)

Megan is proud to call Edina home, and excited to work in the community where she lives. She has a passion for growing vegetables, especially hot peppers, and loves learning new tips and gardening tricks from customers. 

Ashley Sobczak (Minnetonka Garden Center Manager)

Ashley has been with Untiedt's since 2013, working as the assistant manager of our Maple Grove location for the past several years. She was recently promoted to manager of our Minnetonka location.

Ashley has been an avid gardener for many years and is currently working towards her masters degree in horticulture at the University of Minnesota. She is passionate about vegetable gardening and enjoys expanding her personal garden every year She loves growing new and unique varieties from seed and is always looking for a new recipe to try. Her favorite thing about working for Untiedt's is the opportunity she has to educate others about gardening and eating local, and the opportunity to build relationships with our customers.