What is a CSA?

Community supported agriculture (CSA) is an opportunity for local-food enthusiasts to participate in the successes and failures of a local farm felt during a Minnesota growing season. 

An individual starts by selecting a local fruit and/or vegetable grower they trust, and registers to buy a share of their yield. Through this purchase this person becomes a CSA Member, and receives a commitment from their chosen grower to provide them a weekly share of in-season produce throughout the growing season. The grower agrees to harvest, clean, sort, sometimes cool (if needed), containerize, and deliver the share to a mutually convenient location. The member agrees to pay for their share prior to the beginning of the season, which often times allows the grower to be able to sow, cultivate, harvest, and deliver the harvest without having to borrow expensive operating capital.

By signing up early, you are helping the farm by providing the necessary cash flow to ensure the farmer can buy seeds and the equipment needed to have a successful crop. Should the crop fail due to forces beyond control of the grower (hail storms, flooding, droughts, insect and plagues), the CSA member agrees to share in part of the crop losses by accepting a smaller CSA box. For many growers, this risk sharing can be a significant factor in the sustainability of their farming venture. To the members, this strategic partnership provides a sense of ownership in the CSA farming operation in the food it produces as well as a stronger bond to their farmer partner.

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